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 michael MESSER 'introduction to blues slide guitar'

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michael MESSER 'introduction to blues slide guitar' Empty
MessageSujet: michael MESSER 'introduction to blues slide guitar'   michael MESSER 'introduction to blues slide guitar' EmptyMer 29 Nov - 1:06

An Introduction to Blues Slide Guitar

michael MESSER 'introduction to blues slide guitar' Michaelmesserdvdbluesslph5

This DVD is the ultimate tool for learning how to play Blues Slide Guitar.
It features unique camera shots giving the student a ‘player’s eye view’
of Michael's left hand.. This new approach to filming the left hand shows
you very clearly everything you need to see to learn how to play slide guitar.
Michael Messer provides clear instructions along with numerous insights and hot tips.

Michael starts with the basics of how to hold the slide to produce a clear note and a great tone.
He demonstrates string dampening techniques, vibrato, tone, sustain, scale patterns and riffs
up and down the neck, for both solo and backup parts in the style of your favourite blues guitarists.

The lesson focuses on open G and D tunings. Each one is explained in detail with close-up
demonstrations to help develop your skills. The lesson covers chords and positions, slide
techniques, classic delta blues, one chord north Mississippi blues, three chord Chicago
blues, walking bass blues, licks, improvisation techniques and much more
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michael MESSER 'introduction to blues slide guitar'
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